Silkscreen Guitar Strap in Ron Gallo

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Our pal Ron Gallo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to thoughtful, imaginative, analytical, poetic music. As a part of the newest wave of Nashville's rock and roll scene, his compositions mindfully describe our generation's agitations. Ron Gallo isn't just a person, he's a movement. A real heavy and real meta movement.

When we think of Ron and why it's important to know him, we think, "How many secrets does he hold in his hair? How can a millennial from Philly be so wise, so passionate?" The answers, my friends, can be found in the grooves of his newest record, Heavy Meta, out now via New West Records.

Inspired by Heavy Meta, this strap features artwork from the album and is silkscreened onto high-quality, hot-pink linen. Accompanied by our classic soft-cotton backing, vintage-style hardware and durable leather, the Artist Series Guitar Strap in Ron Gallo is a work of art.

2" wide / adjusts up to 65" long

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