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Original Fuzz blue velvet guitar strap

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Worn by some of your favorite artists. Our guitar straps are built to last. We hear they're real comfortable too. 

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Camera straps

Don't wear an advertisement around your neck. Step up your style game with one of our vintage-style camera straps. 

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Original Fuzz velvet strap for your bag

Carry-all Straps

Guitar strap, meet bag. Customize your favorite travel accessory with one of our comfortable and stylish designs. 

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The Carry-All Strap

Guitar strap meet bag. Available in every collection to complement any style.

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It's not just what you do, but how you do it.

We source beautiful textiles from around the world and incorporate them into products that fit elegantly into a creative, digital lifestyle. Everything is made and shipped right from our studio in Nashville, TN.

What Folks are saying

Thanks for having the best products and the best customer service. I can't wait for my next order... saving up for a camera strap!

Hannah Elliott • Portland, OR

Talk about customer service… YOU'RE A LEGEND, MAN. Payment sent. Can't wait to get this thing in my hands and over my crusty back and shoulders haha.

Marko • Ontario, Canada

Love your products, they are the highest quality straps I have come across AND they have great designs. This will be my 3rd strap purchase from you.

Ethan ∙ Chicago, IL

I didn't want to spend my money on a cheap mass produced strap. I liked the idea that you paid the Peruvian workers a fair amount to produce their designs.

Sean • Arlington, VA

This is actually the second strap that I've bought from Original Fuzz. Your straps look awesome and are very comfortable. Whenever a fellow guitarist compliments my strap I always drop the Originak Fuzz name.

Greig • Homer Glen, IL

Thanks for your prompt service and professionalism. This is my second strap from you...I really love the styles and quality. They are very original, and I like that they aren't too bulky, so I can keep them on when putting the guitar in the case.

Brian • Sammamish, WA

I flew into California yesterday and your parcel was here waiting. Thank you so much for your efficient service. The straps are fabulous.

Maryanne • Toronto, Canada

Just wanted to say thank you for the most cool, well-crafted and beautiful strap I ever had!

Robert • Vienna, Austria

I am the happiest person on earth. The straps are ridiculous (: So good. Thank you for everything.

Max • Munich, Germany