About Us

Some of the guitar straps designed and made by Original Fuzz

Inspired Gear for Creative Pioneers

Made in Nashville

Original Fuzz makes inspired gear for creative pioneers. Whether that's a guitar strap made with handwoven Peruvian textiles, or a bag that makes your travels a little lighter, we do our damn best to make products with integrity and help you with your journey. Everything is made in our studio in Nashville, TN. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

How We Got Started

Original Fuzz began when Lee McAlilly and Zach Lever met in college and started playing in bands together. They had an idea for a bag they could use to carry around their guitar pedals. In college Zach would always carry his pedals around in a gym bag with a pharmaceutical ad on it. His old pharma-bag was the perfect size for stashing cables and pedals, but everything on the inside was a mess So, the two friends set out to fix that. Lee left his apartment in Brooklyn and drove down I-95 to Zach's hometown of Jacksonville, FL to get to work. That initial journey began an unending odyssey of finding textiles from around the world and incorporating them into products that fit elegantly into a creative, digital lifestyle.