Silkscreen Guitar Strap in Eric Slick

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Eric Slick was living in Asheville, North Carolina, when he started to work on the songs that would become his first solo album Palisades.

It was also in Asheville that he started a journey into Jungian dream therapy and Transcendental Meditation. One night he dreamt that he met a man on a beach wearing a gold robe around his shoulders and holding a staff. The man told him to "keep singing."

Upon sharing this with his therapist, she asked if she could give him a tarot reading and ended up drawing the Three of Wands, which is a card depicting a man with a gold robe around his shoulders holding a staff. It's also a card that suggests you should continue pursuing your true nature. At this point it was clear that Eric had to keep singing. So he finished his record, donned a gold robe for the cover, put the Three of Wands on the back of his album and, now, on his signature guitar strap.

2" wide / adjusts up to 65" long

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