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Top 12 Original Fuzz Magazine Interviews of 2017

Featured photo for Top 12 Original Fuzz Magazine Interviews of 2017

It's our list of the best OF magazine interviews we've had the pleasure of publishing throughout the year. Jog down memory lane with us. 

Buzz Osborne: The Greatest Minority of All


Psych-sludge metal legends The Melvins are back at it again. This time they've released their first-ever double-album and are out on tour to support it. The record is called, A Walk With Love and Death. We called Melvins' frontman Buzz Osborne at his house in LA to talk about their new record, his record collection, the internet, his influence on 90s culture, arena rock, the Melvins' recording process, Ayn Rand, and Nirvana. Always entertaining and a true individual, Buzz gave one of our favorite interviews yet. Enjoy.

Meditating with Eric Slick


We caught up with Eric Slick (Dr. Dog, Lithuania) between a solo in-store appearance at Fond Object Records’ 4th Avenue location and a full-band performance opening for Sinkane at the High Watt in Nashville, Tennessee, at the last show of his recent tour. Eric was kind enough to let us into his world and, even, collaborate on a signature guitar strap for our artist series collection.

Learn to Chain Stitch with Ranger Stitch


Matt Davidson, aka Ranger Stitch, is a chain stitcher out of Nashville, TN. We met up with him at his East Nashville home and chatted over sandwiches and sewing machines about his craft, how he got started, thoughts on industrial machinery, and what he's working on now.

Podcast Episode #28: Parker Gispert of The Whigs Shares His Favorite Music From Athens


Parker Gispert of The Whigs joins the podcast this month to discuss the music of Athens, GA. Parker and The Whigs came of age on the Athens music scene, and the music of The Elephant 6 collective had a big influence on him. Bands like The Glands, Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Elf Power taught him a lot about how to be in a band and make your own music. We talk about his new solo project, The Whigs, and the Athens bands that influenced him.

FOUND with Photographer Jamie Goodsell


Jamie Goodsell is a photographer living in Nashville, TN. He shoots portraits and concert photography for Third Man Records and has been documenting the local scene for a long time. Read our interview with Jamie on his influences, tools, creative process, where he goes to escape, and some tips on getting the perfect shot.

Songwriter Max Gomez on Turning Stories into Songs


We're big fans of the creative process, especially when it comes to songwriting. And this time of year always brings us the warm-and-fuzzies when Americanafest rolls into town. To celebrate and indulge in our curiosity, we asked songwriter Max Gomez some questions on his songwriting process, musical heroes, how to cure the "writer's block" blues and recording with famed producer, Jim Scott, on his new EP, "Me & Joe."

What Chefs Eat with Pastry Chef Megan Williams


We want to know what chefs eat! So, we asked pastry chef Megan Williams of Nashville's Etch and sister restaurant etc. what she enjoys making when she's not at work. Read our interview on her favorite foods, where she finds inspiration, how she got her start, her culinary idols, and what she's looking forward to.

Business & Brotherhood: Ben and Michael Ford's Second Act as Airpark


Ben and Michael Ford, brothers, are making sound waves together again with their newest project, Airpark. The duo recently released their second EP, Early Works, Volume 2, and have been on the road in support of it this past year, already hitting their goal of 100 shows with no plans of slowing down. Along with Airpark, Ben and Michael are co-founders of Eugenia Hall, an intimately vibe-y rehearsal and event space south of downtown. We had the pleasure of catching up with them at Eugenia to chat about Airpark, their newest EP, thoughts on "starting over," and how they're changing the business of music in Music City. Read our conversation with the Ford brothers.

FOUND with Photographer Marcus Maddox


Meet Marcus Maddox, a music and fashion photographer coming up in the Nashville scene. His work, inspired by lo-fi concepts, minimalism, and dreamscapes, artfully examines emotions and ordinary situations with color and brilliant composition. Marcus' first published photo book, Pom Poms, gives us a perspective into Nashville's DIY music and fashion scene that is as unique and extraordinary as the eye behind the lens. Read our interview with Marcus below as he describes his passion for photography in his own words.

Five Minutes with Steve Gunn


We had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Gunn (Matador / Paradise of Bachelors) on the ins-and-outs of what influenced his sound today, playing his first concert at age fifteen, and meeting Danzig. Enjoy the rest.

Dent May Settles into Southern California


We caught up with the North Mississippi "infotainment cult" co-founder and music man turned Los Angelenos, Dent May, when he came through Nashville on his Across The Multiverse Tour. Dent chats with us about leaving the south for California, his new LA band and fourth record, honing his craft and how writing music has changed, and where to find the best tacos in town.

Podcast Episode #33: Live From Fuzz Fest 1


A couple of weeks ago we threw a party at our shop featuring a killer lineup with fourteen of our favorite bands. Luckily, our main sound man, Billy Bennett, managed to record some of the sets for posterity. In this month's episode of the podcast we listen to our favorite performances that made it to tape that day. It features live sets from Nadir Bliss, Billy Bennett, Parker Gispert, Chrome Pony, T. Hardy Morris, and The Nude Party.

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