Podcast Episode #28: Parker Gispert of The Whigs Shares His Favorite Music From Athens, GA

Parker Gispert of The Whigs joins the podcast this month to discuss the music of Athens, GA. Parker and The Whigs came of age on the Athens music scene, and the music of The Elephant 6 collective had a big influence on him. Bands like The Glands, Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Elf Power taught him a lot about how to be in a band and make your own music. We talk about his new solo project, The Whigs, and the Athens bands that influenced him.

Follow him on Instagram @parkergispert and check out The Whigs at thewhigs.com.


  • "Like a Vibration" by The Whigs from Live in Little Five, 2016
  • "Written Invitation" by The Whigs from Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip, 2005
  • "Jumping Fences" by The Olivia Tremor Control from Music from the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle, 1996
  • "Song Against Sex" by Neutral Milk Hotel from On Avery Island, 1996
  • "Crazy" by R.E.M. from Dead Letter Office, 1987
  • "Pie Pan" by Empire State from their self-titled album, 2001
  • "Electricity" by The Glands, unreleased
  • "Jane" by Elf Power, 2000
  • "Strawberry Fire" by The Apples in Stereo from Her Wallpaper Reverie, 1999
  • "I Can't Stop Your Memory" by Of Montreal from Cherry Peel, 1997
  • "Let There Be Rock" by Drive-By Truckers from Southern Rock Opera, 2001
  • "Goner" by Dead Confederate from Wrecking Ball, 2008
  • "Staying Alive" by The Whigs from Enjoy the Company, 2013
  • "Dying" by The Whigs from In The Dark, 2010

Parker's Athens Playlist

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