Issue #43: Tristen, Culture Abuse, Photographer L.P. Pacilio, New Albums to Play Loud & a Mixtape

Original Fuzz Magazine Issue #43 with Tristen, Culture Abuse, Photographer L.P. Pacilio and more.

October's issue of our magazine is here. Flip through! 

We've got a brand new episode of our podcast with Nashville songwriter, band leader, entrepreneur, and activist, Tristen! We talk about how she juggles her creative projects in the midst of this political climate, and why engaging in the political process is so crucial. Plus, we've got a conversation with drummer Ross Traver of San Francisco's Culture Abuse on his favorite band and recording techniques. We have a very special interview with photographer L.P. Pacilio on the past five decades of his work, his favorite tools of the trade, advice for beginners and professionals, and more. Check out this month's new music releases and why you should listen to them in the October edition of Listen up! Finally, we have a new mixtape that will gently coax you into fall. 

Read on! 

Thank you to this month's contributors: Lee McAlilly, Stephanie Nicole Smith, Liz Earle, and Luke Graves. Cover Photo by Marcus Maddox.

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