Issue #36: Boytoy, George Martin, Guitar For A Minute, Please Quote Me, March's New Releases, and a new Mixtape

Original Fuzz Magazine Issue 36 cover featuring the band Boytoy

Cover of Original Fuzz magazine Issue 36 featuring the band Boytoy

New month, new issue of Original Fuzz Magazine!

We're releasing a brand new version of our podcast and you're the first to hear it! Listen to the Original Fuzz podcast version 2.0 with guests BOYTOY band. This month we're introducing Please Quote Me, a new project and labor of love in website form. Sign up on the site to get started and learn more about what we're doing over there. We've got this month's playlist of new albums to check out in the March edition of Listen Up! Our music historian is back in this month's issue with a list of the best twelve records George Martin produced that aren't The Beatles. Episode two of Guitar For A Minute is live with your host Desmachine. Watch to see how to get a variety of tones form just your pick. And, we've got the lucky thirteen volume of our mixtape. 

Watch >> Listen >> Read On. 

This month's contributors are: BOYTOY, Luke Graves, Stephanie Nicole Smith, Lee McAlilly, Steven Prazak, Desmachine, and Liz Earle.

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