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★  May 28, 2024  ★

Wilburn St. Tavern

Featured photo for Wilburn St. Tavern

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"I am surely going to ruin this place by publicizing it. Fuck it.

It's one of the more pleasurable experiences in life meeting someone as joyful and genuine as Ms Paulette, the bar keep at Wilburn St.

She will buzz you in because the door stays locked. She will be nicer to you than you will be to her, and trust me I've tried to out nice that woman. She will cut you off when you've had too many. She'll enjoy you, because she enjoys life.

The bar is great. It's got all the calling cards of an amazing dive. Smokey. Jukebox with solid songs. A damn door buzzer to let you in.

None of that is why I like it there though. It's Ms Paulette. Put her in a TGIFridays and I'd be in that mugh twice a month.

(Please don't go to Fridays Ms Paulette, it wouldn't be as fun if someone else buzzed me in.)"

302 Wilburn Street

Contribution from Chuck Anderson - Chuck Anderson is a stand up comedian. He's ok. You can check him out at themightychuck.com.