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★  May 28, 2024  ★

The Revenir

Featured photo for The Revenir

Our own Brit Hessler made a limited-edition collection of sixteen screenprinted guitar straps that we're calling The Revenir. You can get them here.

Below we've got some photos documenting the process and a playlist loaded with good music that fits the vibe of this project. Each strap is totally one-of-a-kind and we'll never make more. Here's Brit's statement about what inspired this project:

Waking in the desert disoriented and disillusioned. Escaped from the cage and are now faced with the cold hand of freedom. The predictable chatter of chained living suddenly falls silent onto deaf ears.

Taking your first steps, the dust whips your face from the west. The sound of the sand beneath your boots reverberates through your body and the landscape. Movement subsides and the silence triggers anger and anxiety. The only relief is to traverse the terrain in hopes of gaining a direction. Cannot move backwards into the past.

The energy builds as isolation transforms into independence. Realizing the ghost from the south was nothing more than a mirage. Running from nothing. Now a moth to the light, moving with intuition and psychic awareness toward a new realm.

Find ease in the road and become one with it. The sounds of the past still linger. Uncanny but false.

Now returned..Revenir.

The Process