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★  May 26, 2024  ★

The Post

Featured photo for The Post

This piece is a part of our 2015 Nashville Trail Map. Check out all the points on the trail and download our hand-illustrated map here.


"Culture needs caffeination. And if Cheers were a coffee shop and not a bar, and if Nashville was Boston, then maybe I could be Fraser Crane.

In a perfect world, I'd of course rather be Sam Malone but that would require getting hired, which, maybe when I'm not playing music I might quite enjoy. So I'll leave the ball in their court on that one...Once I overheard someone say, "the wifi is a little sluggish." Well I'm 100 percent ok with that. Because its not your fucking office, pal, it's a cafe. So don't you even think about shooshing me when I show up with my best friends and drink 4 four cups of coffee and talk at a level that you feel is a bit beyond that of the appropriate inside voice.

Seriously though, I usually just sit there by the front window doing a steady combination of reading and/or zoning out, whichever one seems to get the job done of making the outside world disappear momentarily. I don't need be scowled at by some offseason frontierland blacksmith with a moral opposition to half-and-half. I wanna go where they know my name and they seem genuinely glad I came."

1701 Fatherland Street

Contribution from Linwood Regensburg - Linwood is a musician in Nashville and a member of Those Darlins. Check out his music at thosedarlins.com.