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★  May 26, 2024  ★

Robert's Western World

Featured photo for Robert's Western World

This piece is a part of our 2015 Nashville Trail Map. Check out all the points on the trail and download our hand-illustrated map here.


Robert’s Western World is the only true Honky Tonk worth mentioning beneath the glow of the neon signs littering lower Broadway, Nashville’s premier tourist destination in the heart of historic downtown. Once an old warehouse for river merchants, turned factory for Sho-Bud Steel Guitars in the 1980s and now a true western world featuring burgers, beer, apparel, live music and a “gift shop,” the old timey bar, okay Honky Tonk, has pioneered and influenced the turnaround from Nashville’s devastating Great Depression.

It is the only place to see and hear true traditional country music while eating a fried bologna sandwich accompanied by a $2 PBR among a sea of wide-brimmed hats and dance routines in front of the stage. Most days it’s as full as the opening day at the county fair, where you shift about between cowboys and bridesmaids as if you were one of the cattle next in line for prize-pinning, but even on those days where a fly is more likely to get across the room quicker than you, all other Honky Tonks in the history of Honky Tonks pale in comparison. Be sure to shake hands with the bouncer and our friend, Hot Carl! He’ll show you the ropes.

416 Broadway, 37203