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★  May 26, 2024  ★

#6: Remembering B.B. King

We had another episode of the podcast planned this week until we woke up this morning to the news that B.B. King passed away last night in his sleep. He was 89.

Featured photo for #6: Remembering B.B. King

As our co-host Desmond said via Instagram this morning, “He lived an incredible life. I’m not really sure if there was anything left for him to do.”

So, here we pay tribute with a few of our thoughts, his music, and some clips from old interviews. It closes with B.B. describing one of his primary influences, Lester Young. He’s talking about Lester, but he could have just been talking about himself:

He was one of those people that time didn’t matter.


  • “Every Day I Have the Blues (Live at The Regal)” by B.B. King
  • “Don’t Answer the Door” by B.B. King
  • “Sweet Sixteen, Parts One & Two” by B.B. King
  • “Ain’t Nobody Home” by B.B. King
  • “There Must Be a Better World Somewhere” by B.B. King