Podcast Episode #30: Remembering Chuck Berry With Heath Haynes

We remember the genius of the late Chuck Berry with Nashville DJ and musician Heath Haynes. For the last decade Heath has immersed himself in the local Nashville scene with his DJ sets and band The High Dollars. He's been along for the ride as Nashville has grown from backwater southern town to the latest "It" city, and a lot of what he does today he owes to Chuck Berry. Like Chuck, Heath knows how to work a room and get folks dancing. And this month he helps us remember just how influential Chuck Berry, the true king of rock and roll, was to so much of the music we treasure today.

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  • "You Can't Catch Me" by Chuck Berry, Chess single, 1956
  • "School Days" by Chuck Berry, Chess single, 1957
  • "I'm Talking About You" by Chuck Berry from New Juke Box Hits, 1961
  • "Too Much Monkey Business" by The Kinks from Kinks, 1964
  • "You Can't Catch Me" by The Rolling Stones, 1965
  • "Roll Over Beethoven" by The Beatles from With The Beatles, 1963
  • "Carol" by Chuck Berry, Chess single, 1958
  • "Havana Moon" by Chuck Berry, Chess single, 1956
  • "Around and Around" by Chuck Berry, Chess single, 1958
  • "Around and Around" by the Rolling Stones, from 12 X 5, 1964


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