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★  May 26, 2024  ★

Podcast Episode #29: Reed Turchi's Got the North Mississippi Desert Blues

There's a lot of overlap between the Sahara desert and North Mississippi hill country.

Featured photo for Podcast Episode #29: Reed Turchi's Got the North Mississippi Desert Blues

Reed Turchi joins the pod this week to talk about how North Mississippi hill country blues and the desert blues of the Taureg people of North Africa have more in common than you might know. They both relentlessly pound you into the ground. Listen to us nerd out with Reed on some good blues music, and talk about what took him from North Carolina to North Mississippi to North Italy.

Reed is a songwriter, an accomplished guitar player, once started his own blues label while still in college, and previously was the label director for Ardent in Memphis. His new album is called Tallahatchie, and you can find it wherever music is streamed. See him in action at reedturchi.com and get his playlist below.

Music From This Episode

  • "Cottonmouth Drag" by Adriano Viterbini & Reed Turchi from Scrapyard, 2014
  • "My Babe" by Otha Turner and The Rising Star Fife and Drum Band from Jim Dickinson Field Recordings Delta Experimental Project vol. 3, 2003
  • "My Babe" by Mississippi Fred McDowell from Shake 'Em Down: Live in NYC, 2006
  • "Be Alright" by Turchi feat. Luther Dickinson from Road Ends in Water, 2012
  • "Toumest Tincha" by Tinariwen from Emmaar, 2014
  • "Achaka Achail Aynaian Daghchilan" by Tamakrest from Taksera, 2015
  • "Juggling Knives" by Reed Turchi from Speaking in Shadows, 2016
  • "Ganges Delta Blues" by Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhat from A Meeting by the River, 2011
  • "Let It Roll" played live at Original Fuzz by Reed Turchi from Tallahatchie, 2016