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Podcast Episode 24: Ranch Ghost

Featured photo for Podcast Episode 24: Ranch Ghost

Photo by Jamie Goodsell

We sat down with Matt Sharer and Andy Ferro from Nashville psych band Ranch Ghost to discuss their new album, Lookin. We also talked about some of their favorite bands coming out Nashville right now. This episode is loaded with tasty tunes.

Get their record wherever you get your music, or order the LP at RoughBeastRecords.com. Also, check out the full Ranch Ghost "NA$HVILLE" playlist on Spotify here.



  • "Black Caboose" by Ranch Ghost from Lookin, 2016
  • "Feels so Good" by Ranch Ghost from Lookin, 2016
  • "Be Brave" by The Strange Boys from Be Brave, 2010
  • "Hooked" by Denney and the Jets from Mexican Coke, 2014
  • "Tangible Intangible" by Fly Golden Eagle from Quartz, 2014
  • "Semyaza Sings" by Majestico from When Kingdom Come, 2014
  • "Eugene" by Chrome Pony, 2015
  • "Beaumont" by Faux Ferocious from Cloning the Rubicon, 2016
  • "None Other Than" by The Paperhead from Africa Avenue, 2014
  • "Magnet" by NRBQ from Scraps, 1972
  • "Beautiful and Very Smart" by Harlem from Free Drugs, 2008
  • "Optimist Nod" by Ornament from Windgrove Portrait, 2016
Andy's NA$HVILLE Playlist