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★  Jun 12, 2024  ★

Original Fuzz Goes To Dylan Fest

Featured photo for Original Fuzz Goes To Dylan Fest

This year's Dylan Fest, hosted by The Best Fest and featuring The Cabin Down Below Band, marks the 16th year of paying tribute to Bob Dylan and his songs. We poured ourselves some wine, blew out seventy-six candles for Bob's birthday, and made our way to the Ryman to find our seats in the middle of the auditorium. 

There was an incredible amount of talent in the room, and getting a chance to witness the passion and influence that Dylan has on so many different musicians was a treat. And, we'd be remiss without saying that The Cabin Down Below Band are an impressive group of musicians whose endurance and memorization skills are noteworthy.

Other highlights of opening night's performances include: The Whig's punk rendition of "Sylvio," Wynonna Judd's hair glitter and horn section, Valerie June and Charlie McCoy's tribute to "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," and Moon Taxi's version of "Masters of War." We really enjoyed Richard Hawley and Bozz Scaggs cover "Corrina, Corrina," Shooter Jennings and The Watson Twins' performance of "Man Gave Names To All The Animals," and Lauren Shera's version of "Love Minus Zero." The night was electric!

Take a look at the best show moments below and listen to our podcast episode with Austin Scaggs, founder of Dylan Fest and bassist for The Cabin Down Below Band. All photos by Emily Quirk

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-bones-owens Bones Owens

dylan-fest-2017-lauren-shera-emily-quirk Lauren Shera

dylan-fest-2017-gill-landry-emily-quirk Gill Landry

dylan-fest-2017-jonathan-tyler-emily-quirkJonathan Tyler

dylan-fest-2017-jonathan-tyler-emily-quirkJonathan Tyler

dylan-fest-2017-mickey-raphael-emily-quirkMickey Raphael

dylan-fest-2017-the-whigs-emily-quirkThe Whigs

dylan-fest-2017-the-whigs-emily-quirkThe Whigs and Larkin Poe

dylan-fest-2017-the-whigs-emily-quirkThe Whigs

dylan-fest-2017-valerie-june-emily-quirkValerie June

dylan-fest-2017-valerie-june-charlie-mccoy-emily-quirkValerie June and Charlie McCoy

dylan-fest-2017-valerie-june-emily-quirk Valerie June

dylan-fest-2017-valerie-june-emily-quirkValerie June

dylan-fest-2017-wynonna-judd-emily-quirkWynonna Judd

dylan-fest-2017-wynonna-judd-emily-quirk Wynonna Judd

dylan-fest-2017-wynonna-judd-the-big-noise-emily-quirkWynonna Judd

dylan-fest-2017-john-paul-white-emily-quirkJohn Paul White

dylan-fest-2017-john-paul-white-emily-quirk John Paul White

dylan-fest-2017-Erika Wennerstrom-emily-quirkErika Wennerstrom

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-langhorne-slim-odessaLanghorne Slim and Odessa

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-langhorne-slim Langhorne Slim

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-butch-walkerButch Walker

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-butch-walkerButch Walker

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-moon-taxiMoon Taxi

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-moon-taxiMoon Taxi

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-Hamilton LeithauserHamilton Leithauser

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-rayland-baxter Rayland Baxter

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-rayland-baxter-nick-bockrath Rayland Baxter and Nick Bockrath

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-rayland-baxterRayland Baxter

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-shooter-jennings-the-watson-twins Shooter Jennings and The Watson Twins

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-shakey-graves-and-charlie-mccoyShakey Graves and Charlie McCoy

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-shakey-graves-elle-kingShakey Graves and Elle King

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-elle-king Elle King

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-elle-king-and-shakey-gravesElle King and Shakey Graves

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-shakey-graves-elle-kingShakey Graves and Elle King

dylan-fest-2017-emily-quirk-shakey-graves-elle-king Shakey Graves and Elle King

Emily Quirk is a photographer currently living in Nashville. You can find more of her work at emilyquirk.com, on Instagram @equirk, and Twitter @quirkymind.