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★  Apr 18, 2024  ★

On the Road with Daddy Issues

Featured photo for On the Road with Daddy Issues

Emily Quirk tagged along for Daddy Issues' late-summer tour supporting their album Can We Still Hang–which is out on Infinity Cat Records. This is what she saw.

Our first stop, Louisville, was a mess of trouble–cymbals breaking, cigarettes, saunas, and swimming pools, all with troublemakers The Tommys, a side project of the White Reaper dudes.














Cincinnati filled us with tacos, beers, and a bill stacked with babe bands. We drowned ourselves in chili n' cheese, slept with the kitties, and woke to the freshest coffees.




The Tommys





















We held zero expectations for Indianapolis, until we found 20+ Nashville friends across the street at the HiFi, Andrew Combs and the Blank Range boys, ending with a bonfire and 3am pizza party.











Come morning, we were Chicago bound, all-inclusive with Chicago traffic, Chicago Music Exchange, and the Chicago Diner. A packed room and stacked bill of The Morons, Daddy Issues, Pink Torpedo, and Flesh Panthers at Cole's–the least divey-dive bar compared to Nashville dives (we hang out in trailers!). Late night slumber, early morning brunches, never enough time. I closed out my run of tour in St Louis, with the sweetest girls gifting Daddy Issues shirts, wigs, and boxes full of pastries.





















The girls continued on for another week, cycling through the South, playing Memphis, hitting the beaches in Pensacola, Alabama, Atlanta, North Carolina, and back home to Nashville.