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★  May 26, 2024  ★

New Strap Collection Featuring Your Best Fur Friend

Featured photo for New Strap Collection Featuring Your Best Fur Friend

We at Original Fuzz are music lovers first, but our love for tunes is rivaled only by our love for animals!

Our best fur friends are the inspiration for our newest custom strap collection. We know you can't always have your furry companion on your lap while you're playing guitar (Fuzzcat Miles is especially skittish around loud noises), but now you can have a piece of them next to your heart.

All you have to do is mail us two standard FedEx sized boxes of your collected pet's hair and we will do the rest. Whether you shave your dog bald at the start of every summer, or have regular 'ole fur balls from Garfield floating across your hardwood floor in every corner of the apartment, you FINALLY have something GOOD you can do with all that fur.

Send it to us! Our team will weave the fibers from your pet's hair into a strong yet soft woven textile, then cut and sew it onto our signature cotton backing. We'll complete each strap with our durable hardware and classic leather end tabs. Each strap is a unique representation of you— and your favorite furry friend!

*Please note: Yes, we have considered doing this with human hair, and we just aren't willing to go that far.