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★  Jun 22, 2024  ★

Mark's Mailbag: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Featured photo for Mark's Mailbag: Are You Ready for Some Football?

This month our resident advice columnist, Mark Harrod, gives us his two cents on Football Season. Got a question for Mark? Throw it in the pile for next month's issue here.


Football season is now in full swing! What are some of your gameday traditions?



Hey Ty. Every September brings me a couple things: 1) My yearly acknowledgment that I'm older than everyone who plays football, and 2) Great weather.

My question to you is why do I continue wasting the best golf weather we have all year by sitting inside and watching 19-year-olds play a game?


Ya blew it.

The only rational explanation is that it is some sort of tribal thing ingrained in my psyche.

Since I left college, I care less and less about football each year, and feel like I'm a better person for it. At some point I realized that having my emotional state altered by the actions of teenagers under pressure was not ideal. I still keep an eye on my favorite teams' scores and watch games, but the all-day football feasts and crushing dissapointment seem to be a thing of the past. All of this changes if Ole Miss makes it to the SEC championship, btw.

I guess if you really want a Harrod game day tradition it's this: I mute the hell out of the TV when watching sports at home. We are spoiled by commercial-free content from Netflix. The constant two-minute commercial breaks in live sports are impossible to skip or ignore unless you don't have to hear them. Watch games on mute and you'll never go back to the old way.


Mark is a former lawyer who lives in Nashville. If you see a guy that fits this bill in Germantown, feel free to say "Hi." You can also find him on the internet at basketofchips.com and @cmharrod.