Issue #44: Champagne Superchillin', Nick Lutsko, the Quotable Jay Reatard, Leesta Vall Sound Recordings, and an Oral History of Creativity

Champagne Superchillin' on the cover of Original Fuzz magazine

The November 2018 edition of Original Fuzz magazine has landed.

This month we remember the late-2000s punk rock legend Jay Reatard with some of our favorite things he ever said to journalists, we premier a new Champagne Superchillin' live video in collaboration with Void Magazine, we talk to Aaron Zimmer of Leesta Vall Sound Recordings about recording direct-to-vinyl, we interview Chattanooga-based musical satirist Nick Lutsko, and we explore the creative process with a new project we're calling Please Quote Me.

Read on, dear reader.

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