Issue #42: Pearl Charles, Gold Star, Emily Miller & A New Mixtape

Original Fuzz Magazine Issue #42 with Pearl Charles, Gold Star, Emily Miller and a new mixtape

September's Issue of Original Fuzz Magazine is out! 

We've got a brand new episode of our podcast with LA musician, Pearl Charles. Listen as she talks with us about her influences, where to find the best burritos, her new record, and more. Marlon Rabenreither of Gold Star is this month's Five Minutes interviewee. Read up on his influences, gear, thoughts on his new album, recording, and what's coming up for him. Nashville artist Emily Miller creates her version of a nudie suit for our first fine art print. See her studio and process on how she creates. And, we have a new mixtape. 

Read on!

Thanks to all of this month's contributors! Pearl Charles, Lee McAlilly, Stephanie Nicole Smith, Marlon Rabenreither, Emily Miller, Emily Quirk, and Liz Earle.

Cover photo by Amanda Adam

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