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★  Jul 21, 2024  ★

Introducing the Silkscreen Straps Collection

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It's finally here and we're so excited!

Announcing our silkscreen guitar strap and camera strap collection! This collection has been in the works since we moved to our new location last summer. Our beloved neighbors and good friends at Grand Palace Silkscreen Co. have teamed up with us to create the first of many straps in this new collection. Designed and printed by Bingham Barnes and Matt Sharer, talented designers of Grand Palace, these straps are a work of art. 

We paired these unique textiles with our classic cotton backing, vintage-style hardware and durable leather end-tabs. We couldn't be more proud with this collaboration and know that these straps will complement your creative pursuits. At $65, these straps will look good and last a long time. Grab a piece of the Fuzz evolution.