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★  Jul 23, 2024  ★

Making It: Roger Moutenot

Roger Moutenot has made records with so many of our favorite artists—from legends like Lou Reed and Elvis Costello, to indie stalwarts like Yo La Tengo, to newer favorites like Black Lips, Tennis, and JEFF the Brotherhood. He even recorded the Gipsy Kings' cover of "Hotel California" used in that iconic scene from The Big Lebowski. He has too many credits like this to count. We were lucky enough to sit down with him at his studio in Nashville and talk about recording, the magic of analog tape, and seeing Talking Heads and Television at CBGB.

Featured photo for Making It: Roger Moutenot

On this episode of our podcast we interview acclaimed producer and recording engineer Roger Moutenot. Roger got his start in the golden-era of Manhattan recording studios like the now-defunct Skyline Studios before moving to Nashville and making classic indie albums with bands like Yo La Tengo. Roger is a musical lifer with plenty of stories to tell and a list of credits too long to count.

Roger is still making music today at his studio, Haptown.

Thanks to contributor Luke Graves for producing, editing, mixing, and photography for this episode.

Roger Moutenot's mixing board at Haptown Studio

Roger Moutenot's guitar collection at Haptown Studio in Nashville

Entrance to Haptown Studio, Roger Moutenot's recording haven in Nashville