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★  May 26, 2024  ★

Holiday Treasure Hunt 2016

Featured photo for Holiday Treasure Hunt 2016

Update: The Treasure Hunt has ended! Thanks to everyone that stopped by. We hope y'all are all gearing up for a wonderful holiday season. Check out one of our beautiful camera straps or guitar straps for that creative person on your list.

'Tis the season of giving back and we're feeling the spirit of Thanks. As gratitude for supporting us, we'd like to gift you with a special weekend of surprise discounts. But there's a catch.

We don't particularly love the idea of consumer excess that Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent, but we do like the idea of showing our customers that we care about them and are thankful for their support. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we've decided to do things our way—creatively. 

We introduce to you, our very sneaky and super special, Holiday Treasure Hunt 2016, where you find your discount. Be sure to collect them all!

Here are the rules: Beginning at midnight on Black Friday and ending at midnight on Cyber Monday, we'll be giving you a clue each day to help you find discount codes that we've hidden throughout our website. Every day there will be new discounts for a variety of products and collections. The codes will be hidden in obvious and not-so-obvious pages on our website. 

Ready to play?

Below are four clues to help you navigate our website for your holiday discounts throughout the weekend.

Black Friday - Clue #1

We’ve gathered and ate and celebrated warm cheer,
Our tummies are full of tryptophan and beer.
The fire has died and the moon is new, midnight is here, 
So, here’s your first clue.
Original Fuzz straps are 15% off
If they’re the color blue.

Saturday - Clue #2

A device that nearly everyone has that can freeze anyone it sees. What is it?

Sunday - Clue #3

What do all of these have in common at Original Fuzz? Waterfalls, mountains, rivers, Real Estate, Talking Heads, Diarrhea Planet, Shoegaze, Pantera, and ikat designs?

Cyber Monday - Clue #4

Vintage, San Fran, Indian, too
have some of our favorite designs and hues.
But no collection compares to the best of them all,
Handwoven, unique, and made from wool—
We’ve gathered our Peruvians from the shelves
And priced them $25 off from now until the clock strikes twelve!