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★  Jun 22, 2024  ★

Announcing Our Newest Collection of Artist Series Straps Designed by Yanira Vissepó

Featured photo for Announcing Our Newest Collection of Artist Series Straps Designed by Yanira Vissepó

Our newest collection of straps by textile designer Yanira Vissepó.

Announcing our newest Artist Series collection designed by Nashville textile artist and printmaker Yanira Vissepó.

We're excited to collaborate with Yanira on four new designs for our Artist Series, each one inspired by her trip to Costa Rica and the beauty she found there. To make her art, Yanira takes one of her hand-carved woodblocks and stamps a repeating design onto various mediums, oftentimes using the same block to create different images. 

For our collaborative series, our buds at Grand Palace silkscreened Yanira's designs onto lightweight red cotton canvas using a golden-yellow ink. We combined each cool design with our classic vintage-style hardware, softest-cotton backing, and durable leather end tabs. Yanira's designed straps can be worn on your guitars, cameras, and bags. 

Yanira will be introducing her new work, "Blue Yards," at her opening reception tomorrow night, Saturday, March 3rd, at Fort Houston in Nashville from 6-9PM. "Blue Yards" will be showing until the end of March.

Yanira's family live in beautiful Puerto Rico, most of which has been devastated by Hurricane Maria and continues to be under construction. Proceeds from "Blue Yards" will be donated to her mother's Puerto Rico Relief Nonprofit organization, For Such A Time As This. If you live outside of Nashville and want to contribute, you can donate here

View our shoot with Yanira as she shows us her process and work inside her Nashville studio. All photos by Emily Quirk.

Yanira Vissepo studio art.

Yanira Vissepo studio art.

Yanira Vissepo studio art.

Yanira telling us about her art.

Yanira's art on black canvas.


Yanira holding up some of her art.

 Yanira picking up some woodblocks.

Yanira showing off her favorite woodblocks.

Yanira's designed straps for Original Fuzz.

Yanira being pensive.

Yanira's studio.

Yanira carving wood.

 Tools for woodcarving.

Yanira flicking the crystal.

Yanira flicking the crystal part two.

Yanira Vissepó is a textile artist located in Nashville, TN, who utilizes hand-carved blocks to create imagined scenes, patterns and symbols on a variety of different mediums. Richly textured and transformative of the spaces in which they reside, Vissepó's patterns take many different forms—from hand-painted and block-printed murals to framed and free-standing tapestries, as well as works on paper. While naturalistic and inherently spiritual, her imagined shapes maintain a sense of play in their demonstrated contrast of order and incident. Deceptively simplistic, Vissepó's works invite viewer engagement by utilizing generally familiar characters, often emblematic of the natural world, and arranging them into freeform visual narrative. Overall, both Vissepó's printing process and resulting products evoke a sense of ritual—meditative, reverent, deliberate.

You can find Yanira's designed straps at originalfuzz.com/yanira.