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★  Jun 12, 2024  ★

How to Wear a Fuzz Strap: Frightened Rabbit Edition

Frightened Rabbit had an excellent light display at the their show in Jacksonville at Freebird live. I've been watching Frightened Rabbit develop as a band since they played a show at SXSW I helped organize back in 2008. Back then they were touring on their breakout album The Midnight Organ Fight.

In the years following I lived in NYC and watched them grow rapidly, each time coming back and playing a larger venue—from Pianos to Le Poisson Rouge to The Siren Festival at Coney Island to the Williamsburg Waterfront Park. But, their show at Freebird in Jacksonville last Thursday was the best I've seen yet.

Their songs were always built for a spacious venue with great lighting, and the band has really hit its stride. We managed to meet up with them during their soundcheck and give them some of our new Peruvian guitar straps. Luckily they were really into them and wore them on stage. Andy Monaghan, the guitar player and multi-instrumentalist looked fantastic with the Doug Martsch on his Fender Jaguar all night. Billy Kennedy, the primary bass player, rocked the Kurt Vile on his yellow Fender P Bass, and the front man Scott Hutchison rocked the solid strap in tan on his Martin.

Scott and the rest of the band were so generous. They gave us shout-outs from the stage, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We are just stoked that they liked the straps. It's only a matter of time until you see these things on the backs of all your favorite bands. In the meantime, check out the new FR album, Pedestrian Verse. They sound better than ever.

Andy Monaghan rocked the Doug Martsch peruvian guitar strap on his Fender Jaguar at the Frightened Rabbit show at Freebird.
Andy Monaghan rocks the Doug Martsch on his Jaguar.

It was cool watching Frightened Rabbit perform from the back of the room at Freebird. They sounded great back there.

Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit used the solid guitar strap in tan on his Martin during their show at Freebird.
Scott Hutchinson used the solid strap in tan on his Martin.

Billy Kennedy was using the peruvian guitar strap in Kurt Vile at Freebird
Billy Kennedy was using the Kurt Vile on his P Bass.

Frightened Rabbit's light display rocked the room.

View of the Doug Martsch Peruvian strap on Andy Monaghan's back

Frightened Rabbit rocks fuzz guitar straps in Jacksonville

Frightened Rabbit Facebook shout out.

Frightened Rabbit twitter shout out.