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★  Jun 22, 2024  ★

Our Peruvian Straps Are Coming Soon

Many of you have long been hearing about our Peruvian guitar straps. We're excited to announce that they will finally be coming to our store in just a few weeks.

We couldn't be happier to get this product out into the world. Every guitar player that we've shown a sample to has been really stoked about them. Doug Martsch from Built to Spill even wore his strap for the remainder of his tour. He's probably wearing it as we speak.

Each strap is as unique as the artisan that makes it. They are all handwoven in a Sustainable and Fair Employment for Artisans (SAFEFA) co-op in Peru. And, they're simply beautiful. We think you're going to love them.

All of Original Fuzz's Peruvian Guitar straps

Our guitar straps are handwoven by Peruvian artisans

Closeup of Original Fuzz's Peruvian guitar straps

Some examples of the textiles used in our Peruvian guitar straps