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★  Jun 15, 2024  ★

Bradford Cox on David Bowie's Passing

Featured photo for Bradford Cox on David Bowie's Passing

Bradford Cox has written one of the better tributes to Bowie.  Writing for Pitchfork he begins:

First of all, who cares what I have to say about David Bowie? I’ve been reading all of these amazing tributes written by people who actually knew him and I feel kind of weird talking about it, but I’m very honored to be asked. Honestly, I got more texts and phone calls about Bowie’s death than I did back when I got hit by a car, which is oddly flattering because it just means that people that know me also know how much I loved him.

It's a sentiment I felt when trying to decide whether we should post anything to mark his death or not. The whole essay is worth a read, and it ends with one of the more insightful things I've heard anyone say about all week:

I keep hearing a lot of people say things like "David Bowie made it OK to just be yourself"…and while I think that’s a great sentiment, it feels a little off to me. David Bowie was the guy that made it OK for you to be your ideal self—your imagined self, your self in space, your self as a superman. I love him for that.