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★  Jun 15, 2024  ★

This René Daumal Quote Inspired Our Map of Nashville

To celebrate our recent move to Nashville, TN we dedicated this month’s issue of our magazine to the city, and Brit Hessler made a hand-drawn map highlighting our favorite spots in town. We had a lot of cool people contribute points on the map, and the whole project was inspired by this quote by René Daumal:

“When you take off on your own, leave some trace of your passage that will guide your return: one rock set on top of another, some grass pierced by a stick. But if you come to a place that you cannot cross, or that is dangerous, remember that that trace you have left might lead the people following you into trouble. So go back the way you came and destroy any traces you have left. This is addressed to anyone who wants to leave traces of his passage in this world. And even without wanting to, we always leave traces. Answer to your fellow men for the traces you leave behind.”
- René Daumal