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★  May 26, 2024  ★

Thanks for the Help at One Spark

The fuzz booth at One Spark

One Spark results are in. We received 152 votes, which was 0.285% of the total and $712.96 of the crowdfund. Not too bad. We couldn't have done even that without a ton of help.

Thanks to everyone that helped us. Just pulling off our booth and the Barn Burner required a lot of people to get involved and we are grateful to everybody, such as:

  • Martha Lever for painting the sign in the Fuzz booth, donating her doors and time, running the booth while we were at work, picking up frames that we never used, making a rubber stamp by hand, and general support and creativity that helped make it all happen.
  • David and Christopher and all of Wingard Creative team for donating some gratis design work to pull our booth together, and for general support for us at One Spark.
  • Caitlin Robinson at Wingard Creative for designing our logo, packaging, print materials, and One Spark posters that bands were taking home copies of to keep. The whole look of our brand and booth at one spark is the result of her awesome work.
  • All the bands that played at the Barn Burner – Dinosaur Blood (aka Cookin), This Frontier Needs Heroes, Katie Grace Helow, Opiate Eyes, Memphibians, The Lifeforms, Phenumenology, and Pigeon Boys.
  • Chauncey Lever for general enthusiasm, support, jokes, and lunch.
  • Ariana for helping us clean up Gus's, design the booth, move gear, getting out the vote, spreading the word about the barn burner, picking up clipboards, and organizing birthday cakes.
  • Ben and Cameron for driving down from Asheville and helping carry a ton of gear and setup/cleanup Gus's.
  • Duncan for teaching us how to connect old doors.
  • Gus's shoe repair for letting us rent their building.
  • Ansley for being a sounding board for marketing ideas, baking a cake, and being a hardass at the door during the barn burner.
  • Christian for getting all the stuff we needed for the kegs.
  • Katie for keeping the booth running while we were at work.
  • Stephanie Soden and Jim Ward for helping us make some buttons that flew off our booth like hotcakes.
  • Mark Harrod for commandeering our social media profiles during the festival.
  • All of our friends that stopped by the booth or contributed ideas, and everyone that voted for us!
Jam session at the fuzz booth during one spark Fuzz buttons at the one spark booth Dude that said he was on mushrooms playing guitar at the fuzz booth Wiz kid guitar player at the fuzz booth during one spark Ariana Bentz helps out at the fuzz booth during One Spark We made the front page of the times union before one spark