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★  May 27, 2024  ★

R.I.P. Ween

Classic photo of Gene and Dean WeenI wasn't saddened by the news yesterday that Ween is breaking up. With rumors that Gener has been melting down in recent years, it made sense.

They had a great run, clocking in at a clean, solid 25 years. They had an integrity that is rarely matched. They always made Ween albums. Some were better than others, and some were bad. But they were never lazy, and they always made the kind of music that only Ween can make.

Maybe you had to be in on the joke to appreciate them. But I always believed them when they said they were trying to write great songs. Proof of that was their in their epic live shows. Or in the ease with which my friends and I have always found their tunes to be the most satisfying sing-alongs in our back-porch canon.

Perhaps they'll do another album and a tour in the future. I hope not. I hope this is it. It feels right. Those of us that found them in our youth are older now. Let's not make Gener burn any longer. Let's book a fishing trip with Deaner. Let's hang onto a Ween that we can stay with forever.