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★  Jun 22, 2024  ★

Anything Could Happen. Better Than Something.

We just saw the Jay Reatard documentary Better Than Something. If it's playing near you, definitely check it out. It's an honest peek into the life of a true artist.

There's one scene where one of Jay's friends is talking about how he was into The Clean and other Flying Nun bands while he was making his last album Watch Me Fall. And that led us to this rad video by The Clean's "Anything Could Happen":

You can really hear the influence in Jay's song "There Is No Sun", the last track on his last album, Watch Me Fall:

The saddest part about Better Than Something is the sense that Jay probably had his best work in front of him. His old bassist Stephen Pope, now the bassist for Wavves, mentions that Jay was planning to make a country record under his real name, Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. Man, would that have been fun to watch.

Here's the trailer forĀ Better Than Something: