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★  Jun 22, 2024  ★

Definitely Check Out the New Real Estate Record if You Haven't Yet

Cover art for Real Estate's 2011 LP Days

We've had Real Estate's new record Days on repeat here lately at Original Fuzz. If you haven't had a chance to hear it, we definitely recommend checking it out. I was a big fan of 2009's self-titled debut and this certainly picks up where they left off with more lazy, suburban, surf guitar and elegant pop melodies.

Pitchfork recently just gave Days a tall 8.7 rating and wrote a review that's actually enjoyable to read. On first listen Days seems a little more languid than Real Estate, but I think it's going to age well. There are also a few super-catchy pop gems and their guitar playing just keeps getting better. Case-in-point is the single "It's Real" (embedded here for your aural pleasure).