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★  May 26, 2024  ★

Introducing the Fuzz Bag

After almost a year of development, design, samples, and sourcing great fabrics we're proud to launch the Fuzz Bag. This is just the beginning. 

We've got a raft of products in the works including straps made with handwoven Peruvian textiles, pick guards made from biodegradable plastics, and handmade cables built to withstand the gnarliest of shared rehearsal spaces.

We want to thank our friends and family for the feedback and support you've given us in getting this thing off the ground. Special thanks to Chris, Claire, Katie Grace, Christian, and Brett for appearing in our video and modeling the bag. Thanks to The Finks for use of their song "Paranoia". Be sure to check them out. They've got a 7" coming out very soon that is gonna rule.

Now let us introduce you to our new friend...