Save an Airline Seatbelt from a Landfill

Our seatbelt guitar strap in Navy looks great on this Gibson ES-335

Next time you're on an airplane flying over the Bermuda Triangle while thinking of white sandy beaches, take a peek down at your seatbelt. Does it look an Original Fuzz guitar strap? If you answered yes to this question, then breathe easy my friend, you're quite safe.

About two months ago, we rescued these vibrant seatbelts from their impending doom after being declared "too wide for safety standards" by the European airline companies. I'd like to be the first one to say that here in the United States, we embrace the term "too wide for safety standards" with a certain level of pride unknown to those slender Europeans.

While it's impossible to say exactly which airplane the seatbelts were once intended for, I'd like like to imagine them destined for a private jet owned by the likes of Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney. With sweet colors like Kermit and Paprika, it is fair to say these were designed for a special customer. But regardless of their original purpose, the seatbelts belong to us now! And they feel damn good holding a guitar. So try one out for yourself, and tell us what you think. We love hearing your feedback.

All available colors in our seatbelt guitar strap

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  • Seems like the airline seat belts material your sourced is a one time deal, unless happen to find a new source. Reason I mention is I like the grey sliver looking belt, but you are out of them. So now after reading the story of the source belt material it seems unlikely you’d get any more of that color, is my reasoning correct. If so then, I need switch gears to perhaps like another of your colors. But the grey goes best w my guitar. Ibanez Guyatone Model 1860. I think it’s a good match as guitar has grayish silverish pick guards (& one these also holds the guitars electrics under it. The guitar is appraised to be made in 1961. I like going w airline seat belts as a retro thing back in 60s jet set going newish and Tokyo rising out of ashes ect new jet modern (now retro swingin 60s…). My imagination is vivid what can I say…


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