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★  Jun 15, 2024  ★

Making an Indian Guitar Strap

New woodblock stamped guitar straps

Each textile we use to make a guitar strap has a unique process and design that is specific to its native country. The Tina Weymouth is one pattern from India (Rajasthan, specifically) with a very unique story.

The Tina Weymouth guitar straps are stamped with a hand-held woodblock that is pictured below. The hand-pressed stamp is just one element that makes each Tina completely unique.

Once the stamping process is finished, the sheets of fabric are hung on a line to dry. After warming up in the sun, the Tinas will cool off when they are hand washed by a helpful artisan.

These wood block stamps have made popular guitar straps for many of our shops around the world, and we are excited to release more straps of this style very soon.

Tina Weymouth guitar straps line drying in the sun

Woodblock stamp for Tina Weymouth guitar strap

Stacks of handmade Tina Weymouth guitar strap fabric

Washing Tina Weymouth guitar straps by hand