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★  Jun 22, 2024  ★

Introducing the Savannah Strap

We are pleased to launch our Savannah guitar strap collection today

Straight from the psychedelic south...

We are pumped to let you know that The Savannah Strap is here. It was handwoven on a traditional wooden loom in Savannah, GA and assembled at our shop in Jacksonville, FL.

It comes in a bunch of gorgeous psychedelic patterns, so we named them after some of our favorite psych rockers and psych-influenced guitar players. Check 'em out.

Browse Colors

The Savannah guitar strap comes in a variety of pyschedelic colors

The Savannah guitar strap in blue draped over a Gibson

The Savannah guitar strap with a seafoam green Stratocaster

Some of our Savannah guitar straps draped over a Gibson J45 acoustic guitar

The Savannah guitar strap with a yellow Stratocaster

Detail of the full grain Horween leather end tabs on this guitar strap