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★  May 27, 2024  ★

It's Our Latest Gear Roundup!

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At Original Fuzz, we get to visit a ton of guitar stores, guitar shows, and gear expos. So we're constantly getting to try out the latest gear the guitar industry has in store. Every now and then we like to do a roundup and share what we like best. Here's a roundup of the best gear we've been using recently.

What are we missing? Send us an email and let us know about the gear we're missing.

A steamboat ampSteamboat Amps
These guys are making some of the biggest, cleanest sounding little amps around. They have a classic Fender tube sound but pack more punch. There is a ton of headroom in these puppies.

The Pure Salem Classic Creep guitarPure Salem Guitars
This is a newer boutique brand, but they're doing some of the freshest design work around. Their guitars harken back to the classics, but they aren't copies. It's awesome to see people get new ideas into a market where things are usually done how they've always been done.

The Death by Audio Fuzz WarDeath by Audio Fuzz War
I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with DBA, but if you haven't actually used one of their pedals, you've gotta check them out. I've long known that the only pedal Ty Segall really uses is the Fuzz War, but I'd never tried one until recently. It blew my mind. It really screams.

The Electric LoogLoog Guitars
These things are the coolest little starter guitars for kids. They'll instantly make you the cool uncle. It's a great gift for your budding musician.

A new Magnatone ampMagnatone
A classic brand revived. We got to meet the guys that bought the rights to the Magnatone brand and brought it back from the dead. These guys care about each and every detail. For instance, the handles are made by Amish leather craftsmen. And, yep, they sound bad ass.

The Big Ear NYC Loaf pedalBig Ear NYC
Our very own Ryan Kelly got the Loaf Fuzz pedal recently and is really digging it. He said it sounds like "total chaos." It's got gritty, garage-rock tones and adds instant excitement every time you step on it.

A Decoboom pick guardDecoboom
Designer pick guards. Finally someone is making some pick guards that look sweet.

This timbercraft cab is perfect for your living roomTimbercraft Cabs
We met these at last year's Summer NAMM. They are making some really cool wooden cabinets for your amp. If you want something custom that looks fantastic in your living room or studio, these are your guys.