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★  Jul 23, 2024  ★

Song of the Day: Mad Dog 20/20

Dig the Classics by Jeff the Brotherhood album art

Lately I've been really digging Dig the Classics, the new EP by Jeff the Brotherhood. It's loaded with hits by The Pixies, The Wipers, My Bloody Valentine, Colleen Green, Teenage Fanclub, and Beck.

I really like how the Pixies track "Gouge Away" is undeniably a Pixies song. They have such a unique style, I don't know if there's a way to cover them without it sounding like the Pixies. That's a great trait in a band. The other immediately noticeable thing about this album is that every band sounds better when they're playing great fucking songs. It's always comes down to the songs, doesn't it?

My favorite track on the record is "Mad Dog 20/20" by Teenage Fanclub. Teenage Fanclub is deft at using nostalgia without being sappy, and this songs takes me back to drinking Mad Dog in college. That wine was the best girl I ever had.

"Mad Dog 20/20" by Jeff the Brotherhood live on KEXP...

"Mad Dog 20/20" by Teenage Fanclub...