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★  Apr 20, 2024  ★

The Indian Strap Is Tuff

King Tuff plays at Proud Larry's in Oxford, MS

Tuesday afternoon I was standing outside of High Point Coffee near the square in Oxford, MS when Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, came strolling up. That happened to be perfect timing because I was just about to go try to find him. I was hoping he'd lurking around Proud Larry's getting ready to sound check. I wanted to give the band some guitar straps, and that couldn't have worked out better because now King Tuff is rocking some Fuzz straps on tour. Kyle picked out the Indian Strap in Peter Tosh to go with his blue SG.

Check out the new King Tuff album, Black Moon Spell, and definitely go see this band on tour if you can. They are a lot of fun.

Photos of King Tuff rocking Fuzz straps at Proud Larry's...

King Tuff's gear includes a blue Gibson SG and an Indian guitar strap by Original Fuzz

King Tuff shreds

King Tuff sings

King Tuff, aka Kyle Thomas, also uses a Peruvian guitar strap by Original Fuzz

We were stoked when King Tuff posted our straps on his instagram profile

Here's how the Indian strap looks on Kyle's back