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★  Jun 12, 2024  ★

Vintage Fender Print Ads

Featured photo for Vintage Fender Print Ads

We're huge fans of Fender at Original Fuzz. They might not always have the best build quality from year to year, but they've built an amazing brand that has helped define much of the music that we enjoy, from Buddy Holly to Television to Nirvana.

They've always been a good reference point for mid-century industrial design. The Fender logo is iconic and they ran some interesting ads in the 1960s that helped establish them as a classic American brand.

Here's a collection of vintage print ads from that era. Most of them were a part of their "You won't part with yours either" campaign by Bob Perine.

Vintage Fender ad from the 1960s with a surfer riding a wave with his guitar

Vintage Fender guitar print ad with a girl at music lesson

 Vintage Fender print ad with girl in bikini on the beach and a Stratocaster

70s garage band duo with fender amps, fender rhodes, and fender stratocaster

Vintage Fender guitars stratocaster ad with a kid on a skateboard

Vintage Fender telecaster ad with a guy on a bus with his Fender amp and guitar

Vintage Fender guitar ad with guy driving out of his garage with his guitar in the passenger seat

Vintage Fender Jazz Master ad with a guy getting onto a boat with his guitar and Fender amp

Fender haircut ad

Fender beach babe ad

Vintage Fender print ad with a fighter pilot climbing into the cockpit with his Stratocaster

Vintage Fender print ad with a scuba diver walking into the ocean with his Stratocaster and Fender amp

Vintage Fender 'You Won't Part With Yours Either' ad with a guy in traffic with a guitar in the passenger seat of his Volkswagon Beetle

Vintage Fender guitar ad with a Football player in full uniform on the sidelines with his guitar strap to his back

Vintage Fender print ad with girl on the beach and two guitars that are intended for surf guitar tones

Fender heads up ad

Vintage Fender print ad with a man sky diving with his Jazzmaster guitar

Fender Tube amp ad

Fender Sales reps ad

Fender tremolo action ad

Fender gary pucket ad

Fender Rick Nelson ad

Fender Need We Say More Ad

Get Fenderized with a Bandfull of Instruments

Fender fine electric instruments ad