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★  Apr 20, 2024  ★

Our Latest Product: A Skinny Leather Guitar Strap

Introducing The Skinny Leather Guitar Strap by Original Fuzz

We've been thinking about how to strip a guitar strap down to it's essence. How can we make it exactly what you need as a guitar player and nothing else?

The answer? Just offer a few sizes, like a belt. There's nothing to adjust. No extra loops and leather. Use soft, full-grain leather by Horween so that it's comfortable. Make it just the right width, not any wider. Offer classic colors that work well in any context. The result? The sexiest guitar strap we've ever seen.

Introducing the The Skinny Strap. 100% Made in the USA. Full-grain leather by Horween. Handmade in Wyoming. Comes in brown, black, blue, and tan. It's just $48.

Get it today.