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★  May 27, 2024  ★

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Andy Monaghan from Frightened rabbit rocks a Fuzz guitar strap on stage at Freebird liveIn the brief time since launching our Peruvian straps we've gotten some really positive feedback from musicians that we admire. One moment in particular that sticks out is when Frightened Rabbit came to Freebird in Jacksonville. We met up with the band before the show and gave them some promo straps. We never ask people to do anything with our promo straps, we're just offering them as gifts, but we were stoked to find them wearing them on stage later that night.

Midway through the show I was standing over by Andy Managhan, who was wearing a Doug Martsch on his Jaguar. There was a great crowd that night, the venue was packed, and the band was killing it. That moment was a chance for me to step back and reflect on how glad I am that we make our products responsibly. Seeing the Peruvian strap used in that setting really honored the music and artisans that made the product. Everyone involved with the process was given an honest shake and treated with respect. In a really small way I feel that it contributed to the band's performance and their connection with their fans. No one at the show knew where that strap came from except for me, but I know the energy and care that went into it, and I believe that gets passed along in subtle ways.

If you're interested in learning more about how our straps are made, we've got a new post up on the blog those goes into detail about the process. And if you're looking for a small gift for your significant other, something authentic that's made responsibly, think about a Fuzz strap. Whether its a one-of-a-kind Peruvian or a simple Solid Strap, you'll know it's made with care. Use the promo code "LOVE" and get free shipping through February 14.

Frightened Rabbit wearing original fuzz gear on stage at Freebird live in Jacksonville, FL