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Our Week at NAMM

We attended our first NAMM show last week. NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants, and their January show in Anaheim is a huge convention for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and the media in the music products industry. It's a $17B industry globally and everyone is here.

We didn't know what to expect going into it, but it was a great learning experience. While we didn't exhibit, we got a real lay-of-the-land. Boy was it enlightening.

Here are a few notable things that happened:

  • Stayed at The Rainbow Inn (not recommended)
  • Discussed manufacturing with Hartley Peavey, the founder of Peavey Electronics
  • Discovered Loog guitars, some really cool 3-string guitars for kids
  • Met Christopher from Wattson Electronics. Check out their dope pedals
  • Went to a bunch of enlightening sessions, especially a product design session by Ravi from RKS Design
  • Met a ton of great people that are making guitar straps
  • Had some good meetings with distributors
  • Got our products into 3 guitar shops in LA–McCabe's, Grayson's Tunetown, and Caveman Vintage!
  • Had some time on Sunday to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, up into the Santa Monica mountains and back down to watch the sunset on Venice Beach, which was a freak show

Outside NAMM 2014

The Korg room at NAMM 2014 The Fender room at NAMM 2014

Cool guitar from Fano guitars

The NAMM U center

View in the santa monica mountains

The Rainbow Inn, Anaheim, CA

Zach Lever is learning at a NAMM U session

Venice Beach sunset

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