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★  Jun 12, 2024  ★

Crowd-Sourced Video of Neil Young's Performance at Carnegie Hall

Update: Warner Music Group has pulled this video off of YouTube. The director, Tom Adams, has a response here.

Some older rockers have lost their touch, but not Neil Young. He's still as magical as he ever was. Check out this crowd-sourced video of his January 7th performance at Carnegie Hall. He played a bunch of Harvest-era classics.

The video was put together by Reelife Productions and was made with found footage captured by audience members on their cell phones. They added audio by audience member "Mr. Railing" who was on the 4th mezzanine ledge with split 12" mics placed inside small openings at foot level. It so cool that a document like this can exist. I don't mind it when people pull out their phone to capture a moment at a concert. And this is a great reason why. Neil's still got it.