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★  Jul 21, 2024  ★

Issue # 14: When Doves Cry

Featured photo for Issue # 14: When Doves Cry

It's another issue of the Original Fuzz Magazine! This month, we remember one of the greatest performing artists of our time, Prince. His creative vision and talents have broken boundaries and transcended gender roles, sexuality, race and identity. He fused musical genres, reinvented fashion, even transformed himself into a symbol. He's respected as one of the most influential and technical guitar players of our time and pushed the envelope with his lyrics, writing songs about sex, pop culture and his third eye. We scoured the internet to find everything you've come to admire of our dearly beloved. So, without further ado, we'd like to dedicate this issue to the spirit formerly known as the human formerly known as the symbol formerly known as the artist, Prince.

Inside this issue, you'll find our cover article, When Doves Cry by guest contributor Sam McAlilly, a round-up of Prince's best internet moments: Prince & The Information Revolution, a photo essay on our adventures at Merlefest 2016, a FOUND interview with the talented ladies of The Warren, a Nashville make-space run by five artists, Mark's Mailbag with advice on pimento cheese + bad songs on good records, and, lastly, another episode of our podcast featuring an essential playlist on The Purple One. 

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Thanks to all of our contributors this month: Sam McAlilly, Kayla Stark and Rebecca Green, Jonathan Price, Savannah Coursey, Mark Harrod, Jack ReedLee McAlilly, and Liz Earle! Cover image by Liz Earle.

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