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★  Jun 12, 2024  ★

One Year of Original Fuzz Magazine

Featured photo for One Year of Original Fuzz Magazine

This month marks one year of the Original Fuzz Magazine. A lot has changed in that time, but one thing has stayed consistent: each month for the last twelve we've put out a new issue of this publication.

We started as "the guitar magazine that we wished we'd had growing up." But like any startup, Original Fuzz has evolved rapidly, and so has our editorial direction.

Our focus is still to surface interesting contributions from our audience, but we've broadened the scope of topics. Like our products, we started with an emphasis on guitar, and we've now expanded to share stories about creative individuals of all stripes.

We now welcome not just musicians and guitar players–artists, chefs, hackers, sewers, designers, photographers, illustrators, woodworkers, writers, entrepreneurs, and more. Anyone who makes something worth sharing is a someone we'd like to know, and someone whose story or work we'd like to share. If you have something or know someone that you think would make for a good piece, please get in touch.

We'd like to thank everyone that has made this happen each month: Stephanie Nicole Smith for rounding up great interviews, Desmond Smith for contributing tons of gear and guitar-related articles and podcast episodes, Mark Harrod for writing a humor piece for us each month, Emily Quirk for being a frequent photo contributor, Chris Nanney for helping us edit our podcast, Liz Earle for taking the reigns recently as our new editor, and everyone else that has contributed an article or shared their work with us over the last year.

We couldn't do it without you, and this is your magazine. Check out this month's features, and stay tuned for more. Now get back to work. Go make something cool and come back and tell us about it.

Good luck,

Lee McAlilly

Co-founder, Original Fuzz