Brothers of the Bottle

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Brothers of the Bottle is an interview series that emerges from the desire to loosen countless tensions through liquid and physical spirit. It aims to build a dialogue with creative individuals while also dissolving that which inhibits and restrains thought. Whatever the bottle--we have drunk.

One artist + countless drinks + endless conversation + a possible hangover = an interview on a bar napkin

Peter McCann

 Our first guest is Peter McCann. He's a songwriter here in Nashville. We caught up with him at one of our favorite local hangs, Brown's Diner. Peter's written songs for artists like Kenny Rogers, Michael McDonald, Isaac Hayes, Buck Owens, John Travolta, Ricky Nelson, Reba McEntire, Ricky Skaggs, Karen Carpenter, and many more. If you're looking for him you can often find him at Brown's.



Julia Martin

Julia Martin is an artist and gallerist in Nashville, TN. 


Seth Pomeroy

Seth Pomeroy is a comedy writer and a documentary filmmaker in Nashville, TN.

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Original Fuzz


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