#14 Made in Nashville

#14 Made in Nashville - Featured Image

In honor of this month’s Nashville issue of our ‘zine, we dedicate this episode to Nashville music. It’s some of our favorite tunes made in Nashville, made by Nashville artists, and current to the Nashville scene. Check it out.

Hello, World!


  • “Nashville Blues” by The Everly Brothers
  • “Crazy as a Loon” by John Prine
  • “What Are Those Things” by Roger Miller
  • “Went to See the Gypsy” by Bob Dylan
  • “Home” by Roger Miller
  • “Waterfall” by Ex Hex
  • “Casimir Pulaski Day” by Sufjan Stevens
  • “A Pirate Looks at Forty” by Jimmy Buffet
  • “St. Matthew” by The Monkees
  • “So What” by Miles Davis
  • “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline
  • “Horse’s Mouth” by Fly Golden Eagle
  • “Still Life” by Music Band


Lee McAlilly
Lee McAlilly


Co-founder of Original Fuzz. Nashville, TN.

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